Embroidery refers to the thread craft that enhances the look of a fabric or product. This thread craft is generally done on natural fabrics with tight weaves. Embroidery designs of India are influenced by different cultures and have a flavor of their own. Indian embroidery is cherished by craftsmen and has the world swooning over them. Embroidery designs are formed on the basis of texture of the fabric.

  1. Basic Chain Stitch
  2. Zig Zag Stitch
  3. Chain With Zig Zag Stitch
  4. Double Chain Stitch
  5. Magic Chain Stitch
  6. Hurringbone Stitch
  7. Back Chain Stitch
  8. Stem Stitch
  9. Wheat Or Chotti Stitch
  10. Arrow Stitch
  11. Stripped Button Hole Stitch
  12. ” Y”  Type Button Hole Stitch
  13. Fish Bone Stitch
  14. Fly Stitch
  15. Double Button Hole Stitch
  16. Wheel Or Round Button Hole Stitch
  17. Butterfly Stitch
  18. Shaded Button Hole Stitch
  19. Pani Or Water Filling Stitch
  20. Chain And Flat Filling Stitch
  21. Mat Filling Stitch
  22. Flat Load Stitch
  23. Embossed Load Stitch
  24. Embossed Double Load Stitch
  25. Embossed Braid Load  Stitch
  26. Embossed Multi Coloured Load Stitch
  27. Embossed Zari Load Stitch
  28. Embossed Bead Load Stitc
  29. Embossed Zardosi Load Stitch
  30. Coutching  / Stone Chain Stitch
  31. Chamiki / Sequence Work Stitch
  32. Beading Stitch
  33. Pendant Work
  34. Kundan Stone Work
  35. Mirror Work
  36. Coin Work
  37. Zardosi Stem Stitch
  38. Zardosi Zigzag Stitch
  39. Zardosi Braid Stitch
  40. Zardosi Filling Stitch
  41. Zardosi Mat Filling Stitch
  42. Zardosi Fishbone Stith
  43. French Knot
  44. Long French Knot
  45. Ring Knot
  46. Bullion Knot
  47. Lazy Daisy Stitch
  48. Zardosi Chain  Stitch
  49. Zardosi French Knot
  50. Zardosi Long French Knot
  51. Zardosi Lazy Daisy Stitch
  52. Zardosi Golden Flower Stitch
  53. Ribbon Work
  54. Cut Work
  55. Patch Work

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