Kavipriya is a freelancer and devotes her time to train women, young children and special children. She teaches phonics, art and crafts etc. She also runs one of the branch offices of Sri Balaji academy. She is a well known Montessori trainer, who has trained nearly 500 successful Montessori staff. She is also a manufacturer of natural handmade soaps, shampoo. Her craft work includes tabletop fountains, resin gift articles and much more.


I accidentally discovered Aari embroidery, as a homemaker. Aari has its roots in the Mughal period and is an intricate form of needlework. A needle like the one used in crochet is used in Aari designs and we also use kundan or beads and come up with a plethora of designs. 

After practicing it for myself and taking orders for blouse designs, today, I soon began taking classes. In the last few years, I have trained close to 1,000 women—college students, working women, homemakers and even senior citizens. They have gone on to start their own business and taking up orders. I charge around Rs 5,500 for a basic course along with the materials needed. One can learn it in 15 days or in one and a half months, depending on the time they spend on learning it. 

With everyone wanting to make their bridal blouses rich with designs, I have a lot of customers. I have been able to allot time for it, even as I take care of my family—my son, husband and mother-in-law. When I began learning it, I had no idea of pursuing it as a business. However, the needlework has made me an entrepreneur.

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