Course Overview

          Fashion designing, a booming industry in India, shows a promising employment opportunity. This scenario is favorable for aspirants to make a mark in fashion technology if trained properly and guided in the right path. 

            SBVSA offers Master Diploma in Fashion Design for students to learn how to cultivate and express their creativity. They research, analyse, experiment to develop a personal signature in making authenticate designs

Application of Design

    1. Basic Design and Creativity
    2. Style
    3. Print and Patterns
    4. Draping

History of Fashion

    1. Why Change Fashion

Textile Science

    1. Classification of Textile Fibers
    2. Manufacturing Fibers 

Textile Design

    1. Design Idea and Design
    2. Painting Designs and Ideas

Sketching for Garments

    1. Illustration for different Fashion Styles

Pattern Making

    1. Basic Body Patterns
    2. Different Pattern for Different Age Group

Garments Construction

    1. Introduction of Sewing Machine
    2. Practice and Control of Sewing Machine

Fashion Management

    1. Fashion Forecasting
    2. Introduction of Merchandising

Computer Aided Pattern Drafting

    1. Pattern Making

Manual Pattern Making

    1. Basic block pattern
    2. Pattern making for women &children
    3. Advance pattern making for children

Reach CAD

    1. Points and lines
    2. Notches, orientation and tools;
    3. Modification, derived piece, folds and pence, grading;
    4. Evolution system and nest modification
    5. Dynamic measurements,
    6. Assembly and variants

Fashion Merchandising

    1. Techniques of visual merchandising
    2. Buy, sell, promote and distribute fashion product
    3. After sales techniques and the focus of overall customer experience

Reach Fashion Details

    1. Product market fit
    2. Refinement
    3. Marketing push

Cutting and Tailoring

    1. Introduction of sewing machine
    2. Basic cutting and tailoring
    3. Stitching garments of women and children 

Fashion Management

    1. History of fashion
    2. Design, Styling, Fabric Study
    3. Pattern Making
    4. Garment Construction


    1. Basic figure forms/ drawing legs and feet, arms and hands
    2. Drawing garment details
    3. Model drawing based on fashion magazines
    4. Free hand sketching