WEC is a holistic women entrepreneur’s development forum and brings several advantages in empowering your business. It helps with evolving leadership skills and networking among other members in the entrepreneurial community. The organization takes every effort in showcasing your individual and business skills thus raising the platform of your operations as well as your visibility in the industry. 

     Seeking membership in the WEC community helps with expanding your support system and seeking latest industrial information. Also, you will be walked through several innovative ways in promoting your business that will cater to your organization’s vision and mission in the long run. 

What We Do for Our Members:

    • Delivering Business Ideas, Scheme information’s and Benefits through various entrepreneurial development programs
    • Women entrepreneurs awareness programs are conducted to help the entrepreneurial network 
    • Business development skills, networking and follow-up services are provided
    • Seminars and conferences are held to help with strategic planning and development
    • Personal Branding Isn’t it a good time to build your personal brand? You are your own brand. Build your personal brand with WEC and gain high online visibility in less than 2 weeks.
    • Product/Service Marketing Feature your unique products/services on the 100 curated products/services listing on WEC. We will promote your products/services in our network.
    • Live shows Live shows like online product showcases or expert talks on our social media platforms give you a wider reach and identity across the globe.
    • Video Ads Market your brand through our live video advertisements during our virtual events and leverage WEC’s global network to find your target customers. 
    • Speaker Opportunities Empower yourself by showcasing your skills with WEC’s speaker opportunities and let the world know your journey to success.
    • Exhibitions Take part in Sell wec exhibitions to enjoy monopoly(only unique stalls and no competition amongst the stall owners) 
    • Networking Opportunities Participate in WEC’s local networking meetings and connect with like-minded individuals and prospects for your business. Collaborate and take your business to the next level. 
    • Discounted Pricing Avail a discounted pricing on WEC’s services like Business registration, Trademark, Website, Digital Marketing, Legal, etc.,.
    • Funding