Corporate Social Responsibility 

      Corporate Social Responsibility is a management concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and interactions with their stakeholders. CSR is generally understood as being the way through which a company achieves a balance of economic, environmental and social imperatives, while at the same time addressing the expectations of shareholders and stakeholders. In this sense it is important to draw a distinction between CSR, which can be a strategic business management concept, and charity, sponsorships or philanthropy. Even though the latter can also make a valuable contribution to poverty reduction, will directly enhance the reputation of a company and strengthen its brand, the concept of CSR clearly goes beyond that.

Training In Industry Programmes

A number of industrial and business organizations, large and medium, provide organised training for their employees. The type of training varies depending upon the organisation and its needs. the training may be of the informal learning type of the type of organised instrutional programme with in the plant under the supervision of the personel department or of a specoal education and training division. As a general rule, the training confined to the acquisition of occupational knowledge and competences needed to increase productivity in the occupation concerned. Some programmes cater to providing ratated information and some instruction of a general education nature. Some are designed to train and retrain employees in specialised areas of occupations. The programmes include apprenticeship and pre-service job training, on-the-job the training and supervisory training, A good proportion of the present work force is trained as skilled workers, operators and technicians through the system of training-in-industry.Thoughe limited in scope and application, the training system can provide much needed occupational knowledge and skils extending beyond the normal institutional system of vovational education and training.