A Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) is a specialized undergraduate degree that focuses on preparing individuals for careers in teaching and education. This program provides a comprehensive understanding of educational theories, pedagogical techniques, and classroom management strategies. It is designed to equip graduates with the skills and knowledge needed to become effective educators at various levels, from primary to secondary education.


A Graduate Diploma in NGO Management can lead to various career opportunities within non-profit organizations. Graduates with this qualification may work as NGO managers, program coordinators, fundraising specialists, grant writers, policy analysts, or social impact consultants. They can also pursue roles in HR, communications, or research within the non-profit sector. Additionally, some may choose to become social entrepreneurs or international development specialists. Practical experience and networking are essential for advancing in this field.

What you'll learn

Sl.NoSubject CodeCourse Description
1PGDNM 1Principles of Management
2PGDNM 2Organizational Behaviour
3PGDNM 3Non-Governmental Organisations & Civil Society
4PGDNM 4Management of NGO's
5PGDNM 5NGO's: Legalisation, Agencies & Programmes
6PGDNM 6NGO's: Financial and Project Management


6 Months


4-6 hours per week