The PG Diploma in Montessori and Primary Education is an internationally recognized course which provides professional development and education. This Advanced Diploma courses provide prospective Montessori teachers with the vital skills and Montessori methods which assist, guide and correct the young learners. This course offers lot of creative well organised sessions to make the teachers ready to train the young children.


A Post Graduate Diploma in Montessori Teacher Training paves the way for a rewarding career as a highly skilled Montessori educator. Graduates are equipped to work in Montessori schools, childcare centers, or as educational consultants, applying the Montessori method to nurture children’s independent learning, creativity, and holistic development. This diploma empowers individuals to guide young learners on a path of self-discovery and intellectual growth, making a profound impact on their educational journey. Child Development research.

What you'll learn

Sl.NoSubject CodeSubject NameMax. Marks
1PGDMT1Dr. Maria Montessori – Philosophy and Methodology100
2PGDMT2School Administration100
3PGDMT3Child Psychology100
4PGDMT4Parental Counselling100
6PGDMT6Languages & Mathematics activities100
7PGDMT7Arts & Crafts Worksheets100
8PGDMT8Phonics Training100
9PGDMT9Using Flashcards100
10PGDMT10Fine Motor & Gross Motor Skills100
11PGDMT11Songs & Rhymes100
12PGDMT12Role Play100
13PGDMT13Microteaching and Lesson plan worksheets100
14PGDMT14Kids Yoga100


6 Months


4-6 hours per week