A special education program is a set of services and support designed for students who learn differently due to disabilities or unique needs. These programs provide personalized help to students so they can learn and succeed in school. This help might include things like special teaching methods, extra support from teachers or therapists, or using tools like computers or special materials. The goal is to make sure every student gets the education they need to reach their full potential, no matter their challenges.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

ADHD Phase 1:Understanding students
ADHD Phase 2: Diagnostic Process
ADHD Phase 3: Are they putting in the Effort?
ADHD Phase 4: ADHD and Brain Activation
ADHD Phase 5: ADHD and Activity Level


AUTISM Phase 1 : Meet Autistic Students
AUTISM Phase 2 : Understand the common characteristics of HFA/AS
AUTISM Phase 3 :Discover how your students think
AUTISM Phase 4 :Nurture students’ social skills
AUTISM Phase 5 :Encourage language reciprocity

Learning Disabilities

LD Phase 1 : Understanding Learning Disabilities
LD Phase 2 : Identifying Students with LDs
LD Phase 3 : Making sense of the IEPs
LD Phase 4 : Understanding Service Locations
LD Phase 5 : Learning the Right Teaching Strategies

Certificate in Speech theraphy

1. Introduction to Human Communication
2. Introduction to Human hearing & Hearing Sciences
3. Speech-language and diagnostics and therapeutics
4. Basic Medical Sciences related to Speech & Hearing
5. Clinical Practicum- Speech-Language Pathology6
6. Clinical Practicum Audiology

Certificate in Child psychology & School Counseling

1. Developmental Changes During Childhood
2. Methods of Studying Child Behaviour & Positive Parenting Programs
3. Childhood Problems and Measures
4. Understanding Children with Special Needs
5. Introduction to Counseling Skills
6. Early Intervention & Screening
7. Life Skills Sessions (Pre-Primary)
8. Life Skills Sessions (Primary)
9. Life Skills Sessions (Middle)
10. Life Skills Sessions (High School)
11. Documentation & Report Writing
12. Behavior Modification


6 Months


4-6 hours per week