Montessori training was so effective and I learned many things from the training.i helped me a lot to improve myself.

M Merwin Refa

Dear All, It was a very nice experience to attend Montessori teacher training classes and B.Ed classes. The way they taught us is very good and interesting.we have also learned painting, drawings,clay arts through workshops .They are moulding the students and bringing out their best....I'm happy to choose Sri balaji institute.thanks to kavipriya madam for excellent coaching...


The classes I attended so far was very good. Each class they taught very clearly and in a understandable way. Thankyou.

S. K. Santhiyasree

It was a excellent experience of attending phonics and theory classes of kavipriya mam . All the classes like psychology, yoga, Vedic maths and story telling all are very much useful for our teaching profession. Excellent and in understandable way. Thanks for each and every teachers. 👏🏻💐


It was good experience to me...class was is very useful. Thank you mam


Montessori coaching classes were very excellent. The trainers explained everything to us. It was a very good experience for me. Thank you.

Preetha Lakshmi

Hi.. I done my Montessori teacher training as online course. We had good coaching, guidance and had good response whenever needed. Thank you.

Divya Bharti

Hi Kavi mam... I have attended limited classes however am satisfied with your coaching...and getting good response if I call in person for any doubt or clarification. Thanks much... definitely will reach u for any guidance..


Yes mam ok understood. I also attended all the classes and kavi mam satisfied with your coaching . Thank you.

Preetha Lakshmi

@⁨Srithika mam⁩ @⁨Kavi ❄️⁩ Hi mam.. as for now am quiet clear with topics u covered and am going thru curriculum topics now and ll get to u if any doubts in tht.. and you are replying for even every silly doubt I ask .. very much satisfied with ur coaching and response from you.. thank you.


Hi kavi mam I have attended your class . I can understand the topic u cover and u have answering all the doubt that I have asked u . Thank you 🙂


Yes mam I attend the classes so far its very good only even I called so many times per day she response all times.


Hi mam I have attended all classes am satisfied with your coaching. No doubts if I have any doubts I will cal u for clarification. Thank you.


Good evening mam, I am very much satisfied with kavipriya mam teaching. I ask so many silly doubts. She explained very slowly and clearly to me. Thank you so much mam.


I have attended only 3 class i have observed kavipriya mam ,she is teaching good and if anyone has doubt she is clearing it there itself.