Our Mission

1.Studying development trends in the labour market and preparation of occupation profiles as well as competently conceived occupational standards,
2.Development of methodologies and preparation of modern, module-based education programmes for vocational education
3.Monitoring the process of the introduction of education programmes, evaluation of final examinations and vocational education and development of new methodical and didactical concepts of knowledge, learning and teaching,
4.Training and improvement of knowledge of teachers, professionals and mentors in the framework of vocational and technical education, and provision of professional support and counselling to providers of vocational and technical education.
5.Stimulation and coordination of various development and innovation projects in vocational and technical schools.
6.Development of modern education tools and education technology,
7.Participation in professional organisations networks dealing with vocational and technical education,
8.Promotion and encouragement of vocational education.

Our Vision

1.To develop strategic and simplified texts in the field of formal and informal education,
2.To become the reference point for International and National Networks
3.To establish and run an educational and consulting centre for further education and training of educators in the field of vocational education and training based on the principles of lifelong learning
4.To establish and run a national centre where informal knowledge is to be ascertained and acknowledged
5.To establish and run a national centre where the level of quality in the system of vocational and technical education as well as training is to be ascertained and assured for the development of the students.
6.To establish a network designed to develop and promote vocational education.