A Diploma in Autism typically provides a comprehensive overview of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and equips individuals with the knowledge and skills to work effectively with individuals who have autism.Overall, a Diploma in Autism aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of autism spectrum disorders and equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to support individuals with autism across various settings, including education, healthcare, and community services.


A Diploma in Autism opens doors to a range of rewarding careers in autism support and intervention. Graduates can work as autism support workers, behavior technicians, or special education assistants, providing direct assistance to individuals with autism in various settings. They may also pursue roles as speech-language pathology assistants, occupational therapy assistants, or family support specialists, offering specialized services and resources to individuals and families affected by autism. Other career paths include educational consultants, case managers, and research assistants, providing expertise and guidance in educational settings, service coordination, or research projects related to autism spectrum disorders. With a solid foundation in autism knowledge and intervention techniques, individuals can find fulfilling opportunities to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those with autism.

What you'll learn

Sl.NoSubject CodeSubject NameMax. Marks
3DIA3Symptomatic Managment100
4DIA4Multidisciplinary Approach for Autism100
5DIA5Current Practices100
6DIA6Preparing for Future100


6 Months


+12th Pass