Abacus teacher training is a structured program that equips individuals with the essential skills and knowledge to become proficient abacus instructors. During this training, participants first learn the fundamental principles of using the abacus, gaining expertise in basic arithmetic operations. They also acquire a toolbox of teaching techniques and strategies tailored to different age groups, allowing them to effectively introduce and nurture abacus skills in students. Understanding child psychology is a key component of this training, enabling teachers to engage and motivate young learners effectively.


Career prospects for certified abacus teachers are diverse. They can establish their own independent abacus teaching businesses, offering classes to a wide range of students. Alternatively, they can seek employment at established abacus training centers, schools, or educational institutions. The rise of online education has opened doors to virtual abacus tutoring, allowing instructors to reach students globally. Some abacus teachers also offer specialized workshops and professional development opportunities, expanding their reach and influence in the field of mental math education.

What you'll learn

Sl.NoSubject NameMax. Marks


6 Months


4-6 hours per week